Township of Ocean, Ocean County, New Jersey

Township of Ocean Police Department

50 Railroad Avenue,Waretown, NJ 08758
Phone: (609) 693-4007

Police - Traffic Safety Bureau


Electric and/or gas powered scooters can NOT be legally operated upon public roads or highways. All vehicles within this State must be registered, insured and operated by a licensed driver. These scooters fall under the definition of motor vehicles under State Statute Title 39:1-1 and are therefore subject to all motor vehicles laws. The scooters however do not meet the requirement to be registered in New Jersey as per the Motor Vehicle Commission; therefore they can not be legally operated upon public roads.

The Ocean Township Police Department Traffic Safety Unit is dedicated to promoting and improving traffic safety through education, analysis and enforcement. The unit actively has one officers assigned, however every officer within the patrol division are activity involved in traffic safety and motor vehicle law enforcement.

Patrolman Steven Mandarine, the department?s traffic safety officer, has attended numerous schools and training courses in the areas of accident investigations, reconstruction, education and traffic enforcement. Patrolman Mandarine is also an active member of the Ocean County Prosecutors Office Fatal Accident Investigation Team.

The primary responsibility of the Traffic Safety Unit is safety of motorists and pedestrians in Ocean Township. In addition the unit also:

* Investigates complaints of unsafe condition on all public roadways within the township.
* Develops and coordinates the departments selective enforcement programs, to include speed enforcement details and safety checkpoints.
* Conducts analysis of accident data information to reduce serious accident and address the high accident areas.
* Conducts technical accident investigation, to include all fatal and serious injury accidents. The unit also provides support in follow-up investigations and reconstruction.
* Members liaison with neighboring traffic safety units as well as the Ocean County Fatal Accident Team and New Jersey State Police Traffic Safety Units.
* Educates the public on traffic safety issues through lectures, pamphlets, and safety programs.

In addition to manned patrol vehicles, the unit also deploys a speed monitoring awareness radar trailer in residential neighborhoods, school zone, construction zones and other locations to help promote compliance with the posted speed limit. This trailer is an unmmaned portable, self-contained speed display unit that is towed to the desired location. Once deployed it displays speeds of oncoming vehicles on a highly visable LED display. A speed limit sign mounted on the unit reminds drivers of the speed limit. The unit allows drivers the opportunity to see how fast they are actually traveling, and slow down, without receiving a speeding summons. The radar trailer may be requested by township residents, by contacting Patrolman Mandarine at (609) 693-4007.

The Ocean Township Police Department Traffic Safety Unit and its officers, prides themselves on making the streets of our township safer for all our citizens. The Police Department also recognizes that one of the top concerns from citizens is traffic on neighborhood residential roadways. To better respond to traffic problems in your neighborhood, please contact Patrolman Mandarine at your convenience.

When traveling the Streets and Highways, PLEASE follow these Safety Tips...

* Make sure You and Your Passengers are Properly Secured in a Safety Belt or Approved Car Seat
* Be Courteous to Other Driver's
* Obey the Posted Speed Limit
* Don't Drink and Drive
* Don't do Drugs

And Always Remember...